Kids can pedal off some of their excess energy with our pedal tractors!
family - pedal tractors

The pedal tractors at Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park offer a delightful experience for young visitors. It is one of the highlights of the park! These kid-friendly vehicles provide an excellent opportunity for role play and active fun.

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This partially covered space allows children to shelter from the rain while pedalling off their excess energy. It’s not only a fun and playful activity but also an excellent way for kids to build and develop their motor skills. By pushing those pedals and manoeuvring the mini tractors around, children engage their muscles and fine-tune their coordination.

girl - pedal tractors

While the children immerse themselves in the world of farming, parents can enjoy peace of mind, knowing their little ones are safely entertained in a sheltered space. There’s plenty of seating surrounding the pedal tractor area, providing parents with a comfortable vantage point to watch their children play and explore.

Beep Beep!

Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park has cleverly integrated pedal tractors into its offerings. It creates an enjoyable and educational experience that combines fun, physical activity, and shelter from the elements. It’s a win-win for both children and parents. Kids pedal their way to fun and learning while parents take pleasure in watching their little farmers blossom.


Did you know we have our very own Farmer Palmer’s Book? It encourages development for motor skills in children! Take a look, you can purchase your very own copy online or instore. Just ask the staff on your next arrival!

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