Our award winning reception and gift shop team welcome you with their kind and friendly approach.

Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park gift shop is a charming rural haven that offers a delightful assortment of souvenirs and treasures. Visitors can peruse a selection of locally sourced and crafted items, like homemade honey. The gift shop also showcases a unique collection of farm-themed gifts, perfect for children. Whether you’re seeking a plush farm animal toy for the little ones or a tasteful memento of your countryside adventure, Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park gift shop is a haven for those seeking the perfect gift to remember their visit.

Our reception and gift shop team are here to assist you on the way in! They also have lots of goodies to tempt you on the way out! Our team can help with any general enquiries you may have! Keep an eye out for Sandra or Phillip Palmer too, they like to pop into the shop and meet visitors throughout the day!

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If after your visit, you decide that an annual pass is for you. Our amazing shop team will be able to convert your day’s admission to an annual pass before you leave! You only need to visit 5 times within a year to make your money back.

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Did you know that you don’t have book to visit our gift shop, just pop in and ask the reception team! Or you can shop online! We have limited stock on our website but take a peak.

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Is Someone Celebrating a Birthday?

Birthday Parties At Farmer Palmer's Farm Park

Farmer Palmer's Birthday's are a unique and memorable experience for all the party goers and their families!

Imagine celebrating your child’s special day on a picturesque farm, surrounded by the beauty of nature and adorable farm animals. At our farm, we offer a unique birthday party experience that your little one and their friends will cherish forever.
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