Climbing, Swings and See Saws!
Attractions At Farmer Palmer's Farm Park

The Sand Playground at Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park is more than just a place for kids to dig and build sandcastles. It’s a vibrant hub of activity and imagination. With soft, golden sand, children are free to let their creativity run wild.

sew saw - sand play

Parents are actively encouraged to join in the fun! This creates an atmosphere of togetherness and bonding. It makes it the ideal setting for quality family time. Picture a warm summer’s day, as parents and children collaborate to create their masterpiece in the sand. This will foster memories that will last a lifetime.

sand play - boys on horse

The Sand Playground boasts an array of climbing equipment, slides, and swings tailored to cater to children of different age groups. These features ensure that children can find age-appropriate activities that challenge and excite them. The towering slides offer exhilarating thrills, while the swings provide a relaxing respite for the littlest ones.

Take a look for yourself…

Parents, you can be assured that your children are not only having a blast! They are also developing critical social and physical skills. With Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park, the joy of sand play knows no bounds, and the memories made here are truly timeless.

Skip to 26 seconds into the video to see a bird’s eye view of how big our Sand Playground is!