Let children burn of their excess energy whatever the weather in the big indoor soft play zone!


Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park offers an exciting and engaging soft play area that provides children with a world of fun and adventure. The soft play area at Farmer Palmer’s is a haven for kids and parents alike. It offers numerous benefits for children’s physical and cognitive development while ensuring parents can easily keep a watchful eye on their little ones.



Our soft play is a colourful, safe, and well-designed space, where children can run, climb, and explore to their heart’s content. With cushioned surfaces, it’s the ideal spot for kids to unleash their energy and develop essential motor skills. The play equipment encourages imaginative play, promoting creativity and social interaction among young visitors. Whether it’s crawling through tunnels, climbing up slides, or navigating obstacle courses, children will have a blast while gaining confidence and independence.


Parents will appreciate the peace of mind that comes with this well-designed soft play area. It offers clear sightlines, ensuring children remain visible at all times. There is a seating area for parents to relax and keep a close watch on their little ones. This means parents can enjoy some well-deserved downtime while their children have a blast in a secure environment.