Climb on straw bales, crawl through tunnels and woosh down slides!

This enchanting feature is one of the children’s most popular play areas in the entire farm park. Straw Mountain captures the essence of a playful and immersive experience.

Children can let their imaginations run wild as they explore the numerous straw tunnels and slides. This offers a sense of adventure, allowing kids to navigate a labyrinth of straw bales while embracing the thrill of discovery. It’s a fantastic way for children to burn off energy and engage in active, imaginative play.

Straw Mountain is an indoor play area that provides a cozy haven for children to enjoy the farm park, even when it rains. Here, they can climb, jump, and explore to their heart’s content in a sheltered environment. The giant slides, designed for adults to slide down with their little ones. These slides offer a unique opportunity for parents and their children to share an exhilarating experience, creating unforgettable memories together.

straw mountain - climbing ladder

Climbing, sliding, family-fun!

Straw Mountain offers a delightful blend of outdoor adventure and indoor fun. It has captivated the hearts of visitors of all ages. Whether it’s a sunny day or a rainy afternoon, families can count on Straw Mountain. It provides hours of enjoyment, laughter, and quality time together. It’s a place that leaves everyone with smiles and cherished memories.

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