Have a go at this fun outdoor obstacle course!
girl on caterpillar - trim trail

It’s not just about furry and feathered friends at Farmer Palmers. We also offer an exciting outdoor area called the “Trim Trail.” This outdoor play area adds an extra layer of fun activities for children and families alike.

trim trail - girl playing

The Trim Trail at Farmer Palmer’s is a dynamic adventure course. It is designed to promote physical activity, playfulness, and the development of essential skills in children. The trim trail consists of a series of climbing and balancing elements that engage kids in thrilling, yet safe, challenges. From balance beams and monkey bars to ropes and stepping stones, children have a fantastic time navigating these obstacles.

family - trim trail

Spatial awareness and coordination are also enhanced as children move through the trail. They learn to judge distances, assess risks, and adapt to the changing terrain. These improved motor skills not only help them in physical activities but also translate into daily life skills.

There’s so many benefits to playing outdoors…

It seamlessly blends play, learning, and physical development. It offers a fantastic opportunity for children to:

  • enjoy outdoor activities
  • boost their self-esteem
  • enhance their spatial awareness
  • develop essential motor skills
  • improve their strength and fitness levels.

It’s not just a day of fun at the farm but an engaging journey of growth and development for young visitors.

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