Meet our resident animals who live outside and are waiting to meet you.
rhea - outside pens

One of the highlights of this immersive farm adventure is the delightful array of outside animal pens. Visitors can get up close and personal with a diverse range of farm animals.

A unique addition to the animal collection is our quirky rhea! They’re known for their amusing antics that are sure to captivate both young and old.

Farmer Palmer’s Farm Parks also has their “Super Hero Pen,”. Here you can witness the joy of Gingy the pig, Kellogg’s the cockerel, Ducky the duck, and a few others, make up the Super Hero family.

pig racing - outside animal pens

One of the key attractions of the outside animal pens is the interactive experiences we offer. During certain times of the year, guests can participate in goat and sheep feedings, watch the pig racing, and create lasting memories. From friendly goats and fluffy sheep to the inquisitive alpacas, every visit is an opportunity to make new furry friends.

Watch our Alpaca’s arrive on the farm!

The Alpaca Chatter event is another highlight, allowing visitors to learn more about these gentle animals.

You can also learn about their behaviour and individual quirky personalities!