FAQs and certificates - This page has been created from your questions when planning your exciting family visit to the farm park! We understand reassurance of quality is important, please read on to find out more about visiting the farm park, what you can expect from us, and how we run things to give you a baaarilliant day out!
+Contact Information
You can contact us by Email: shop@farmerpalmers.co.uk, Phone: 01202 622 022, Facebook and Twitter and our team will be happy to help you. We aim to respond to emails and social media messages within 24-48 hours. This may take a little longer during busier times e.g. School Holidays
+Do I need to pre-book to visit?
Do I need to pre-book to visit? Yes, following the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic, ALL admission tickets must be pre-booked online prior to visiting.
Why? Because we will need to limit daily admission numbers
Does this apply to Pass Holders? Yes, you will be able to reserve your visits through your Customer Portal.
How will I buy Admission Tickets? Tickets are available to book here: https://bookings.farmerpalmers.co.uk/.
Will I be allowed in without a ticket? Change to: You can just turn up but please be aware you will not get the ONLINE DISCOUNTED ADMISSION PRICE

How do I get my tickets? You will receive a confirmation to the email you use to purchase your tickets. We do not post tickets out. When you arrive at the farm park please have your booking reservation barcode ready to scan in.

PLEASE DO NOT visit us if you or any of your family members are feeling unwell and/or have symptoms of Covid-19.

Last updated 04/07/2022

+When does the farm park open and close?
For dates throughout the year please visit our Times and Prices page.
+Farmer Palmer’s is good to go!
Farmer Palmer’s received the official “Good To Go” accreditation on 14th July 2020.

“We’re Good To Go” is the official UK mark to signal that a tourism and hospitality business has worked hard to follow Government and industry COVID-19 guidelines and has a process in place to maintain cleanliness and aid social distancing.

Find out more here Visit Britain Good To Go

+Can I bring a picnic?
Can I bring a picnic? We will be serving delicious takeaway food from our hen house restaurant and kiosk which includes all your favourites, light bites, cakes, sandwiches, ice cream, coffee, drinks and much more. To enable us to recover from the impact on our business from the pandemic, we have limited picnic space and ask you kindly if possible, to please support us by not bringing a picnic.

We have a range of picnic tables in the farm park, with little ones for the children too! These are available on the front lawns, in the main yard, under the eaves of the Hen House Restaurant and in the Play Barn. In sunny weather, we will provide parasols for shade. Picnics are not permitted in the Hen House Restaurant. UPDATE: Please observe social distancing when eating at our tables and please keep them clean.

+Is animal contact safe?
We sometimes get asked if animal contact is safe? Children and animals can be unpredictable but our Animal Care and Hygiene is really important to us. Cleanliness and welfare rule at Farmer Palmer’s! For more info re. handwashing and hygiene see this leaflet.

UPDATE: We actively encourage you to wash your hands thoroughly if you have touched high customer touchpoints,  any of our animals or their enclosures. Additional hand sanitisation stations are also provided.

+Can I visit the Farm if I am Pregnant?
It is advised that pregnant women do not come in to contact with the placenta of newly born lambs during the lambing season, as it is the placenta which carries the risk of Toxoplasmosis.

At Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park our ewes give birth to their lambs out in the field and are only brought in to the animal barn when completely dry, therefore it is safe to visit the farm while you are pregnant. If you have any further questions please just give us a call on 01202 622 022 or read our blog post on this topic.

+Do our animals live here until old age?
Do our animals live here until old age? Yes, almost all of Farmer Palmer’s animals have a home for life here. We treat them as our extended family.  Cared for every day and the team know their individual personalities. We work closely with our vets for all of their vaccinations and health care.
+Is there Public Transport to the Farm Park
Yes! Route 40 bus from Poole to Swanage will drop you at the end of our drive way! Full bus timetables can be found on the More Bus website.  

There are also train stations at Wareham and Holton Heath.

+How do you help visitors in wheelchairs or disabled visitors?
How do you help visitors in wheelchairs or disabled visitors?

Our Welcome All training gives you great personal service. We are designed with ramps, wide doors, and pride ourselves on helping you get the most out of your day. Please note that during social distancing we are unable to help assist you with contact.

For more details visit our Disabled Access page.

+Can we bring the dog?
Sorry, we do not allow dogs into the park (except guide/assistance dogs, provided they have paperwork and are in their uniform). We do have two kennels available where you can leave your dog during your visit. We can provide a bowl of fresh water and a pad lock for you to use. You are welcome to visit your pet as many times as you like throughout the day. We have dog beds and bedding to borrow and we also sell Staglers antler dog chews in our shop, a great long lasting treat!
+Can we Feed the Animals?
COVID-19 Update: Our team will bring out the stars of our show and give educational talks in our new BIG Barn which has been designed to allow for social distancing and safe animal contact. There may be additional opportunities to meet smaller animals in our Animal Barn. Please see the timetable of events at the front desk when you visit and always wash your hands thoroughly after touching any animals or their enclosures.

We have a full daily timetable of Animal Events and Demonstrations for you to enjoy. The timetable includes lots of opportunities to feed our animals, but please do not feed them outside of these set demonstration times. Our animals have a carefully balanced diet and it’s not good for them to ‘snack’ in between meals. Human food is not suitable for them. In the summer months we grow Maize, please do not feed this to our animals either. Our Animal Barn team are responsible for the feeding of our animals, they may occasionally give Maize as a treat but this is arranged as part of their routine.

+Will the Bouncy Castle be up?
The Outdoor Bouncy Castle will be up (inflated) unless the weather conditions make it unsuitable for use, for example; if it’s too windy, wet, hot, or icy.

The Outdoor Bouncy Castle will be monitored by a member of the team on busy days and limits may be in place. Play sessions may be timed with a queuing system.

UPDATE: The Indoor Bouncy Castle may have to remain closed whilst social distancing measures are in place.

+Can my Children visit without an Adult?
Sorry, No. All children (under the age of 16) must be accompanied by an Adult. Adult supervision is required to ensure children visiting the farm park are kept safe and cared for under the control of an Adult so as not to harm themselves, other visitors, animals or the farm park fixtures and fittings.
+Can you donate a Raffle Prize?
Can you donate a raffle prize? To support local communities, registered charities and PTA’s we have set aside a certain number of Free Family Entry Tickets a month. Please send us a Stamped Addressed Envelope to Farmer Palmers Farm Park Ltd, The Stable House, Wareham Road, Organford, Poole BH16 6EU with a covering letter.


Pop in with your letter.

Will I be able to use my Free Family Entry Ticket this summer? They are not valid in School Holidays.

+Pass Holder FAQs
Are you a Farmer Palmer Pass Holder? You may have questions regarding how your pass works, limitations, cancellations, and if there are any changes due to the pandemic. This page has been created to help you. Please read all of the frequently asked questions and answers prior to contacting our team. If your query still hasn’t been answered, they will of course be happy to help.

Q: How Do I reserve my space to visit?

A: All this can be done by logging in to your customer portal. You will need the email address and password you used to create your account when you purchased your pass(es). If you did not have a password, or can’t remember it, don’t worry you can set up a new one – just follow the steps on the screen.

Here’s the link you need: https://bookings.farmerpalmers.co.uk/

Here’s a handy video to help: https://youtu.be/DqAma6Et0pY

Q: I am no longer able to visit on the day I have reserved a space, how do I cancel?

A: Thank you, it’s really important you cancel your reservation if you can no longer visit so that another family has the opportunity to book. You can cancel your tickets by logging in to your customer portal, selecting the tickets you want to cancel, and then re-booking for another day. Please kindly cancel your tickets 48 hours in advance if you are able to do so.

Here’s a handy video to help: https://youtu.be/qV3fA-T5-WA

Q: Are you bringing back the Conversion Discount if my family member buys a NEW Pass whilst at Farmer Palmers?

A: We can but it is cheaper to pop online and get the discounted admission.

Adults £75.00, Children 3+ £75.00, 2 Year Olds £37.50, OAP £70.00, Disabled/Carer £70.00

Q: Can you tell me when my pass is due expire?

A: You can check the expiry date of any pass linked to your account. To check the date, you will need to log into your customer portal. You do not need to ask our team to this for you.

Q: We did not use our pass last year due to lockdown; can I have a refund?

A: Yes. We will look at your usage and deduct it from the price you paid. We look at each request on an individual basis. There are many different factors we must take into consideration before we can offer a refund. Please email your request to passes@farmerpalmers.co.uk

Q: Is the ‘Me or You Pass’ still an option?

A: We are not currently doing Me or You Passes or Bump To Baby.

If you still need help, you can reach us on: passes@farmerpalmers.co.uk

Thank you for reading our Pass Holder FAQs.

Published 03/05/2021

+What is the First Aid policy?
If an accident / incident occurs please contact a member of staff in the first instance.

Trained First Aiders are always on site or on call.

Minor first aid equipment is located at the HEN HOUSE TILL AND SHOP TILL.

This is for administration by yourself or an adult.

If it is more serious a first aider will assess and we will advise doctors, hospital or emergency ambulance request.

Please be aware we will photograph and record accidents or incidents for our records.


Our policy is on display or in the daily newsletter.

+Certificates and Licences Page
Certificates and Licences are an important part of running a business. We are proud of our standards and what our team achieve. Quality is part of our Values and Company Ethos. Our Website is new and we will upload all of the 2022 versions once up and running.

Exhibiting Animals Licence

Food Standards Agency 5 start rating  to follow

PIPA Testing Certificate

+How do I give feedback?
Looking after you is important to us. Providing all of our visitors with great client service is a priority for our team. Therefore, we aim to not just meet your expectations, but to exceed them! We believe without you, we are nothing! We appreciate we can learn from your feedback and constantly strive to meet your needs and those of your little ones.

For personal responses on any specific enquiries regarding passes, birthday parties etc please contact us direct rather than social media. Thanks

If your  ideas or questions are not answered here please feel to get in touch  or why not tell us about your Farmer Palmer’s experience

Simply choose

  1. CONTACT US form right here on the website.
  2. Phone for a chat on 01202 622 022
  3. email us directly to shop@farmerpalmers.co.uk.
  4. We love a letter in the post – Customer Feedback, Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park, Wareham Road, Organford, Poole BH166EU.
  5. You can feedback on social media (Facebook or Twitter),


Our Client Service Plan and Client Care Policy are in place to facilitate the delivery of our best service. This is supported by our Client Care Monitoring Policy, 2022 version to be added.

+Is there a Cash Machine at Farmer Palmer’s?
Sorry, No. We can accept debit and credit card payments (including Apple Pay and Contactless) and we can also offer cash back. Yay!
+Is there a designated smoking area?
Do you allow smoking? We have a designated smoking/vaping area which has it’s own shelter called the ‘Dog House’ on the grass area, adjacent to the Duck Pond. Please use this area only for smoking/vaping. UPDATED: Please observe Social Distancing in this area.
+Can I pay with credit or debit cards in the farm park?
If you wish to take part in the Tractor Trailer Rides (£1 pp)/Deer Feeding Experience (£2 pp) you will need to bring cash. We accept Visa, Visa Debit, Connect Debit, Maestro, Mastercard, Solo, Visa Electron, Applepay and American Express. We welcome card payments at reception, in the restaurant and in the gift shop. We can take contact-less card payments and we are able to offer cashback. We use Sagepay and Worldpay secure sites for our online systems & Dojo onsite.

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