Super Heroes

Our Super Hero family started small but over time has grown. There are now 5 members of the family, Gingy, Ducky, Larry, Kellogg’s, and Bramble. Scroll to find out more about each one and how they became part of the superhero family.


Gingy was the runt of the litter and therefore was excluded from her own kind. she got very lonely, but became the mother of the family as she puts the other Super Heroes in their place, as well as, letting them sit and climb all over her!


Kellogg’s was given up by his previous owner, but one of our amazing staff members thought he would fit perfectly in the Super Hero family. He settled in very quickly, and has become the big brother they all needed.


Ducky is a flapper duck therefore, can’t fly. The other ducks we have do fly, and found it hard to befriend Ducky because of this. So, we introduced Ducky to the rest of the Super Heroes, and immediately became part of the family.


Sadly, Bramble’s mum and sister passed away when she was born. We couldn’t leave her all by herself, and found a new love with the other Super Heroes. She has oodles of love for everyone and can’t get enough head scratches!

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