We have a variety of birds here on the farm! We have our chickens, ducks, rhea, aviary birds in different homes all around the farm park. Try to spot them all!


A farm just wouldn’t be complete without Poultry! We have lots of feathered friends at Farmer Palmer’s such as Turkeys, Pekin Bantams, Buff Orpingtons, Silkie Bantams, Barbu D’uccle, and Polish Chickens.

See our chickens being fed!


Have a look to see what species you can find here! We have a variety of birds within our duck pond, including Pheasants, Embden Geese, Runner Ducks, and  Grey Lag Geese.

See our duck pond


We have a lot of budgerigars in our aviary. They have many different colours, can you count how many we have? Quick, before they fly away!

Dorset farm park

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