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It’s beautiful to see Grandparents and Grandchildren learning from each other at Farmer Palmers. Life goes full circle and learning is a 2 way street. Subsequently, the things your grandparents taught you can now be shared down the generations. As you spend time with those little bundles of energy you’ll find they can keep you fitter and feeling young, not to mention you’ll sleep so well.

Benefits for Grandparents visiting Farmer Palmer’s

1. Grandparents, You Are Teachers Without A Classroom

Grandparents are such a valuable part of the family, children are lucky if they can grow up with your influence. You have a unique position of trust that allows you to help nurture and shape little ones lives. Which hat do you wear the most?

Babysitter, childcare, nurses, playmate, friends, substitute parent or teacher? 

The quality time you share gives children the opportunity to learn important lessons. So, celebrate how important you are! Uniquely, you get to ‘spoil’ them and enjoy all of the fun parts, then hand them back. This is why you are such a treasure to working parents.

The relationship between a grandchild and grandparent is built on trust, reassurance, a few rules and unconditional love which has an incredible influence. 

2.Share Your Wisdom 

You have the enviable job of being adventurers together. Sharing new experiences. Exploring on day trips or simply in the garden with enthusiastic little companions.

Here are some top memories to share with your grandchildren at Farmer Palmer’s:

Showing your adorable grandchildren the places and activities you enjoy is a great idea. Imagine their surprise when they see Grandad rock climbing!

Sharing hobbies can also spark new interests which may lead to a lifelong interest in the hobby, too.

summer bbq at farmer palmers farm park
Dorset farm park

3.Let Them Teach The “Old Dog A New Trick”

While kids will surely enjoy learning about the things that their grandparents like to do, they would also find it fun to “teach” them about their own hobbies and interests. Let them suggest what they’re into. Your reward will be an insight into what makes these unique and interesting little people tick.

Give time individually, when possible. It is nice for grandparents to set aside time to spend with each of their grandchildren on a one-on-one basis. This can make it easier to choose an activity that appeals to the child, provides opportunity for great conversations, and gives each child a sense that they are special.

4. Simple Things Entertain; Resulting in Fun Whilst Learning

Children do a lot of their learning while they are “hard at play” and are pretty easy to please. It is not necessary to spend oodles of money or plan extravagant outings to impress them – in fact, the opposite is usually true. Little one’s tend to enjoy simple activities the most, which is good news. A day of fishing or an outing to the zoo are fun for most kids, as are camping trips and picnics.

Immerse a child in a particular experience. One good way to do this is to gather information about animals, by reading about them or finding an appropriate video and then planning an outing around the newly learned information. This improves their cognitive and language skills and improves their reading comprehension. For example farm story books then going and meeting real live cows and sheep. This is a good learning experience.

Encourage young minds while providing a day’s entertainment. Many children’s museums offer hands-on exhibits, which engage kids and spark their imaginations much better than the “mustn’t touch” displays. Etches Museum for Jurassic Dinosaur Fans

Life Is Too Short To Not Experience The Fun, Fun, Fun!

No matter whether outings are geared toward exercise, education, or simply time to bond, the most important aspect of grandparent and grandchild get-together is fun. Grandparents who know how to laugh and be a little silly are sure to  reap the rewards of happy kids. After all, laughter makes the world a brighter place.

Children Live For The Moment

Kids live in the moment. Children aged 3-7 years still view friends as momentary playmates, and their friendships are all about having fun together. Their friends are kids who are conveniently nearby, and who do the same things they like to do.

Children at this stage have very limited ability to see other perspectives. They assume that other children think the same way they do, so they tend to get very upset when they find out that a playmate has a different opinion which is why the understanding between grandparents and children is a great opportunity for fun.

Health & Safety

Grandparents grew up with scrapes and risk which was acceptable then. We aim to make Farmer Palmers as safe as possible but put children and animals together and who knows ….. Therefore we have this little link to helpful tips should you need any help.

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