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Mother and Baby Bonding

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Mother and Baby Bonding is biological. A friend of ours is a coach and she has allowed us to share this with you.

” One of my favourite things is reading articles in the New Scientist.

I really enjoy learning new stuff, and I recently read an article that I loved.

 Lee Nelson (not the comedian, but that would be impressive) and her brainy mates made a discovery. At the University of Washington, Seattle, they realised that when a woman is pregnant, cells transfer between the mother and child within the placenta.

Incredibly, the cells lodge in the other’s body for what they think is up to forty years.  It’s called microchimerism.  It means, if you are under forty, you are carrying bits of your mum around. She is carrying around bits of you in various different organs.


Carrying Your Baby


 They reckon this helped you look after Number One when you were a belly-tenant, sending your cells over into your mum’s body. These cells could be found lodged in her breasts and ovaries. This lengthens lactation and reduces her fertility after your arrival, so you could keep her all to yourself for as long as possible. 

Pretty darn clever of you, keeping those irritating little brothers and sisters away for as long as possible!  (I must have put up permanent anti-immigration razor-wire in my mum’s belly as I’m the youngest child.  Mwah Ha Haaaaa…)


mother and baby daughter

Mother and Baby Bonding is Brilliant!

    Sometimes these cells have a negative influence on health, but they can also do incredible things:  For example, their research suggests that in the case of women with peripartum cardiomyopathy – a condition in which a pregnant woman’s heart becomes enlarged, weakened and can be fatal, the baby’s cells actually race to the mother’s heart and make brand new muscle cells.

Awesome! Kids mending their mummies remotely!!

    It’s likely, but not yet proven, that we also carry cells from our brothers, sisters and even uncles and aunts, as they may have passed from our mums while we were curled up waiting for our birthday.

Our Bodies are an Ecosystem

    As Lee Nelson puts it, “We are an ecosystem, made up of a patchwork of humans…which can have both positive and negative effects on our health”

    The writer of the article, Andy Ridgeway says “In future, we may be able to invite new helpful humans to join our body’s ecosystem, and encourage the less helpful ones to leave”

    Now, you might wonder what the hell this has to do with life coaching: Well, only just EVERYTHING!

    For a start, you must always remember how  amazing you are just by being alive. 

    Additionally, you may not be able to decide whose cells live in your body, and where your cells go, but you can decide on which people and thoughts enter your ecosystem and encourage the less helpful ones to leave.


Keep Delivering Positive Stuff In All You Do

    And very importantly, you can also be a good influence on other people’s ecosystems by only delivering positive stuff to lodge in their brains.

    I really hope my input is helpful for your ecosystem” 


Thank you so much Vicki, your view on life is always a joy to be part of. Sandra Palmer-Snellin

I acknowledge that bonding is not possible for all mothers and their babies but this shows cells  are shared.

Mother and Baby Bonding -Written By The Amazing Vicki La Bouchardiere at Venture Coaching

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