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Today, Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park is a children’s farm park designed for little ones between the ages of 0-8 years. Our farm park once was a dairy farm, run by Senior Palmer himself but later transformed into an attraction for families to come and play, create magical memories, and learn all about our farming. Some of you even take a hand to it in our goat feeding sessions.

Being a family farm, we could go on about the importance of children’s education on where their food comes from until the cows come home (excuse the pun!) but we decided it would be better to provide 8 ways you can help educate your children about their food, both at home and when visiting our farm park.


Learning is as Natural as the Grass Under your Feet!

For conscientious parents looking to instil a sense of food awareness in their children, understanding the origins of what ends up on our plates is crucial. Not only does this knowledge foster a greater appreciation for nature, but it also encourages healthier eating habits. Here are ten fun and engaging ways to help your children learn about where their food comes from while enjoying a day out at our farm park.

  1. Cow Milking Demonstration

Start from the roots of the farm park and join our Cow Milking Demonstrations. Let your kids see firsthand how we milk our cows, advancing from the traditional methods, we use a milking cluster to efficiently milk our female cows. We know that understanding starts with seeing, in our sessions, our friendly Animal Barn team explains the process from start to finish, in a child-friendly, entertaining manner that makes learning enjoyable!

Trust us when we say, this experience is one your children will remember for years to come!

  1. Animal Feeding Experiences

Children love interaction, and what better way to learn than by feeding the animals their breakfast, lunch, or dinner? At Farmer Palmer’s, your children can feed the goats and sheep, and even give some of our guinea pigs and rabbits their afternoon vegetables! If that isn’t enough, you can jump on our Tractor Trailer ride for our Deer Safari and learn about the Red Deer.

  1. Planting Activities

In today’s society, we children are educating themselves online. If you’re at home and want to stay up to date with all of our planting projects follow our YouTube channel. Searching for something more physical? Why not Engage your kids with hands-on planting activities. This not only teaches them about the cycle of life but also about responsibility and care.

  1. Cooking Classes

Once they’ve seen where food comes from, let them learn how to prepare it. You can find child-friendly cooking classes from Jamie Oliver. Your little ones can make simple dishes using ingredients they’ve seen harvested.

  1. Seasonal Harvesting

Why not participate in our seasonal events like pumpkin picking in the autumn, or navigating your way through our Maize Maze in the summer? Or keep an eye out for our sunflower field in August! These fun activities demonstrate to your children how they grow, how they can be affected by the weather, and the importance of seasons in food production.

  1. Woodland Walks

Head down to our woodland walk, also known as The World of Dinosaur Roar! Discovery Trail, and discover a variety of mini ecosystems. Understanding the environment and its role in food production helps children see the bigger picture of agriculture.

  1. Recycling & Upcycling

Explore the farm park and keep an eye out for all the rescuable and recyclable materials used in the park. With our colourful and bold signage, our park users are encouraged to recycled. Why not hand the rubbish to your little ones and guide them to use the right bin? This way they can see how recycled materials can be repurposed. Some of the areas feature planters made from recycled plastics.

  1. Fresh Produce

Depending on the time of the year, you can purchase fresh chicken, geese, duck, and even rhea eggs from our shop. From coop to counter, our eggs are picked daily, cleaned, washed, packed, and labelled so you can cook and bake with the freshest ingredients!

You can see how we do this by clicking the video below.

Not only this, but Sandra Palmer-Snellin, one of the farm park Directors, actually owns her own hives off site. Her bees produce honey which shell collects, pots, and labels, ready for you to enjoy on your breakfast or hot drink!


Bringing it All Together

As you journey through these activities at Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park, you and your children not only bond over shared experiences but also gain a deeper understanding of the importance of sustainable practices and the hard work that goes into our farm park. These lessons are vital, forming the foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating and respect for our planet.


Teach, Learn, Explore, and Play!

Teaching children about the origins of their food equips them with knowledge that influences their future eating habits and how they view the environment. At Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park, we believe in nurturing curiosity and respect for nature through fun, educational activities. By visiting our farm and participating in these activities, you’re setting the stage for informed, conscientious choices that will benefit your children and the world. So, gather your little ones, and come down to Farmer Palmer’s for a day full of fun and learning! Together, we can cultivate a healthier future for our next generation.

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