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Diplodocus headshot - The World Of Dinosaur Roar! Discovery Trail
diplodocus dinosaur munch
Headshot of the T-Rex - The World Of Dinosaur Roar! Discovery Trail
Dinosaur roar the T-Rex logo
triceratops headshot
triceratops dinosaur stomp

The World Of Dinosaur Roar! is Perfect For Farmer Palmer's Pre-Schoolers.

Who is the The World of Dinosaur Roar Discovery Trail at Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park for?

Designed to bring joy to creative little imaginations, adults who are young at heart. In fact, anyone who is ready to get excited about something new in the heart of Dorset!

The pieces of the jigsaw just fitted together.

The World of Dinosaur Roar! is created by Peter Curtis based on Dinosaur Roar! by Paul & Henrietta Stickland in association with the Natural History Museum which is a fabulous educational opportunity and fits well with our mission statement and brand values to deliver quality.

Farmer Palmer’s location, in Dorset, is near the Purbecks and popular Jurassic Coast.

Dorset dinosaur attraction at Farmer Palmer's Farm Park
Dinosaur Roar Trail

Dinosaurs and Growing Up

Can you remember the first dinosaur name you mastered? I loved the big words of a Stegosaurus and even Brontosaurus. T-Rex is one everyone can get their teeth into. Favourites in the office are Diplodocus and Triceratops. Who doesn’t love the history and wonder of Dinosaurs? Of course, if you can not say them yet, I know a few 2-year-olds who have got a pretty loud roar!

Devotion to dinosaurs often starts when children turn 4. It could be the topic they covered in pre-school, or a favourite book read by grandparents or found in the library. The picture of strange creatures roaming our world, the names and the different periods of history. The thing is children’s brains soak up.

When did Dinosaurs live?

  • What do they eat?
  • How big are they?
  • Why are they different?
  • Where did they live?
  • How do they have babies?

If you spare a moment to think back, kids love dinosaurs. OK maybe you weren’t as obsessed as the kid next door but once the obsession bites, there is no going back. So how many names can you remember?

Children often know the difference between the Jurassic period and the Cretaceous period. The level of dinosaur expertise a kid can have is seriously astounding, particularly when you consider that the average adult can name maybe ten dinosaurs at best.

Linking Farmer Palmers to The World of Dinosaur Roar!

“It is like giving birth to something beautiful,” Said Sandra Palmer-Snellin. “Obtaining our planning permission took 9 months from application to approval. When thinking about it there are similarities! The initial excitement, a long wait, the final push, something new, and then spending months learning how it is all going to fit together.”

The World Of Dinosaur Roar! is perfect for Farmer Palmer’s pre-schoolers.


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