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The World Of Dinosaur Roar! is Perfect For Farmer Palmer’s Pre-Schoolers

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World of Dinosaur Roar Munch at Farmer Palmers Farm Park World of Dinosaur Roar ROAR at Farmer Palmers Farm Park World of Dinosaur Roar STOMP at Farmer Palmers Farm ParkThe World Of Dinosaur Roar! is Perfect For Farmer Palmer’s Pre-Schoolers, Arriving 2021

After 22 years of business Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park has credited part of their success to their forward-thinking and entrepreneurial approach.

Phillip and Sandra Palmer are constantly looking to enrich your Client’s Experience. Covid has put many obstacles in our way but finally we are delivering the first Stage.

” We have been looking for an enhancement to our beautiful Woodland Walk since we opened in 1998! We have considered fairies, nursery characters even giant bees and bugs!”

When Nurture Rights Directors, Nick, and Peter, contacted the Palmer family, in early 2018, with an idea of adding Dinosaur Characters to their attraction, it was a “no brainer”.

“This was the 1st outside company to offer a partnership that would be an excellent fit for our target audience. Our USP is that we are designed specifically for children aged 8 years and under.”

The World of Dinosaur Roar Discovery Trail, who’s it for?

Designed to bring joy to creative little imaginations, adults who are young at heart. In fact, anyone who is ready to get excited about something new in the heart of Dorset!

The pieces of the jigsaw just fitted together.

The World of Dinosaur Roar! is created by Peter Curtis based on Dinosaur Roar! by Paul Stickland and Henrietta Stickland in association with the Natural History Museum which is a fabulous educational opportunity and fits well with our Mission Statement and brand values to deliver quality.

Farmer Palmer’s location, in Dorset, is near the Purbecks and popular Jurassic coast. Our gut instincts told us this was going to be exciting.

Dinosaurs and Growing Up

Can you remember the first dinosaur name you mastered? I loved the big words of a Stegosaurus and even Brontosaurus. T-Rex is one everyone can get their teeth into. Favorites in the office are Diplodocus and Triceratops. Who doesn’t love the history and wonder of Dinosaurs? Of course, if you can not say them yet I know a few 2-year-olds who have got a pretty loud roar!

Devotion to dinosaurs often starts when children turn 4. It could be the topic they covered in pre-school, or a favourite book read by grandparents or found in the library. The picture of strange creatures roaming our world, the names and the different periods of history. The thing is children’s brains soak up information and there is so much to learn about dinosaurs.ROAR Dinosaurs

When did Dinosaurs live?

  • What do they eat?
  • How big are they?
  • Why are they different?
  • Where did they live?
  • How do they have babies?

If you spare a moment to think back, kids love dinosaurs. OK maybe you weren’t as obsessed as the kid next door but once the obsession bites, there is no going back. So how many names can you remember?

Children often know the difference between the Jurassic period and the Cretaceous period. The level of dinosaur expertise a kid can have is seriously astounding, particularly when you consider that the average adult can name maybe ten dinosaurs at best.

Linking Farmer Palmers to The World of Dinosaur Roar!

“It is like giving birth to something beautiful,” Said Sandra Palmer-Snellin. “Obtaining our planning permission took 9 months from application to approval. When thinking about it there are similarities! The initial excitement, a long wait, the final push, something new, and then spending months learning how it is all going to fit together.”

The World Of Dinosaur Roar! is Perfect For Farmer Palmer’s Pre-Schoolers. This the first in a series of blogs as this success story evolves.


After the delays, we are finally able to open up part of The World of Dinosaur Roar Discovery Trail.

Yes, we will be holding back on half of the experiences until Stage 2 but we felt it was more important to get the Trail open for half term than wait any longer!!

Farmer Palmers Dinosaur newsletter sign up poster

What will we see in Stage 1?

All children and young at heart will be able to meet Whack, Stomp, Flap, Whizz, Boo, and Roar

Fantastic educational signage to help adults and children engage in learning.

New books and Toys to support learning at home and encourage imaginary play

Photo opportunities around the dinosaurs and with an exciting new addition. Don’t forget to share on your socials #ROARTRAIL

And the chance to get tongue-tied with your pronunciations of their names.

Stage 2 –

Waiting for next Phase of Gov Roadmap, Anticipated 21st June (full experience)

Missing Munch will be revealed

Our Roar Rangers who will guide you and entertain with the hand held

Squeak Puppet – the smallest and Inquisitive little dinosaur

Palaeontology Tent – with exciting things to do

Kids Activity Packs – a must-have to explore

Stage 3 – 1st September

Educational information, downloads, and curriculum gems for Schools ready for guided tours and visits


There is so much to the World of Dinosaur Roar that we will keep you updated via our newsletter so make sure you sign up via our website.

Tickets can be booked at too


Last update 18.5.21 for Half Term Opening on 29th May 2021


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