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Pumpkins are so popular this time of year for those haunting Halloween nights, but what do you do with your pumpkins after it’s over? Do you know there are many natural ways you can use your pumpkins after All Hallow’s Eve?
Here are a few ideas for what you can do with your pumpkins after Halloween.

Feed the Wildlife!

Squirrel eating a pumpkin

Many animals love pumpkins and will be very grateful for the tasty treat! Pumpkins are so nutritious for wildlife. Cutting up your pumpkin into chunks for foxes, badgers, hedgehogs and squirrels to carry away to their dens to munch on, what’s not to love about helping your local wildlife?

Don’t throw your pumpkin seeds away, either! The birds in your garden will love the addition to the bird feeders. All you need to do is dry them out for 10-15 minutes and put them in your bird feeders.

Compost it!

Pumpkins decomposing

When pumpkins break down, they will make rich compost for your flowers and veggie patches in your gardens. If you don’t have a garden, you can always ask family, friends or gardeners at local allotments if they would like to use your pumpkins for composting.

Degradable Plant Pots

Degradable plant pots

If you haven’t carved into your pumpkins this year and used them for decorations inside or outside your house, why not make them into natural, degradable plant pots?
They will make beautiful plant pots to have in or outside your home. You can plant the whole thing in your garden when the pumpkin starts to break down. Once thoroughly broken down, you’ll have excellent fertiliser and rich soil.

Pumpkin Seeds for your Dog

Pumpkin seeds

Did you know pumpkin seeds can also help your furry family members? When pumpkin seeds are dried, they can be given to your dog as little treats or ground into powder and scattered over their meals.
Pumpkin seeds are a natural dewormer for dogs, and being full of fibre, they can also help poorly pups who have been suffering from diarrhoea. Pumpkin seeds also contain a lot of Omega 3, which can help improve their skin and coat condition.

Bring them back to Farmer Palmers!

Pigs enjoying the pumpkins

With pumpkins being so nutritious and tasty, our pigs, chickens, and goats will happily eat your pumpkins once you’re done with them. Give us a call to see if we can take them off your hands on your next visit to us!

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