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Farmer Palmer’s Team are simply the BEST!

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Want to know why Farmer Palmer’s Team are simply the best?

We rarely do this (because we’re probably too humble) but we thought it was time to shout about how INCREDIBLE our Team are here at Farmer Palmer’s!

Each and every one of them!

Top 10 reasons why we’re so proud of our incredible Team

  1. They’re always willing to help
  2. They have the friendliest manner with our visitors
  3. They are extremely hardworking
  4. Frequently going above and beyond
  5. They have a great sense of camaraderie and support each other in and out of work
  6. Always delivering the best days out to you and your family
  7. They love to learn new skills
  8. They are enthusiastic, conscientious, and caring
  9. We know we can rely on them to pull together in a time of crisis
  10. They are resilient, loyal, patient, and understanding

Teamwork really does make the dream work!

Boo Crew Entertainment Team at Farmer Palmer's

Spotlight on the Boo Crew!

What a BOOORILLIANT BUNCH! Halloween is hard work! Because although it’s lots of fun, running around being soaked by kids with water guns really takes it out of you.

This bunch NEVER falter! No matter how cold, wet and exhausted they get – they always manage to maintain momentum and always with a smile!

This year they had a whole new wardrobe to choose from as we found a new costume supplier, and we think they look spooktacular! More new outfits have been arranged for Christmas and Easter – we’re upping our entertainment game!

We LOVE what we do, and dressing up and entertaining your little ones is all part of the job. Please show your appreciation for our team by leaving us reviews on our social channels, Google and TripAdvisor. It means the world to the team!

Hen House Team Halloween at Farmer Palmer's

Spotlight on the Hen House Team!

Well, what can we say? This year the Hen House team really pushed the boat out! From scoop after scoop of yummy chips to the legendary Sunday Roast Dinners. From their Hen House Halloween decorations to the kooky cupcakes, – they really know how to put on a show!

Serving hot food to a never-ending queue of customers could be overwhelming, but they simply take it in their stride, efficiently and enthusiastically. Restaurant manager Cerys orchestrates her team with perfect precision!

Food serving, re-stocking, sandwich making, labelling, cake baking, ice cream pulling, coffee filling, table clearing, and pot washing – it’s like a military operation in there each day and every single team member is an integral clog in this well-oiled machine!

Hen House Team – we salute you!

Children meeting guinea pigs with Animal Barn team at Farmer Palmer's

Spotlight on the Animal Barn Team!

It takes a special kind of person to work with animals and children . . . especially both at the same time!

From the early morning starts to the freezing winter afternoons our Animal Barn Teamwork wonders each day!

Some of our animals make a LOT of mess! Comparable to looking after toddlers (or some teens!). Every day the team have to clean up their ‘bedrooms’, tidy their toys away, prepare their breakfast, brush their hair, make sure they’re hydrated, check on their health, take them for exercise, prepare their tea, and sometimes be midwives too!

Wind, rain, sun, hail, snow – whatever the weather, the Animal Barn Team pull on their boots and just get on with it. And as you know, the animals always look clean, tidy and very well cared for – because they’ve got the most amazing caregivers!

Shop Team Halloween at Farmer Palmers

Spotlight on the Admissions/Gift Shop Team!

Where would we be without them?

On an average day at the farm park, our admission team handles well over 100 customer queries! Via email, phone, letter, social media, review sites, web forms – there’s a lot of communication going on behind the scenes!

Every now and then, a little gremlin comes along and throws a spanner in the works! And you know what happens . . . ?

Sandra Palmer and Charlie (our admin superstar!) find that gremlin, kick him out and remove his spanner! Admittedly, some investigations take longer than others, but we always resolve it in the end!

Patience, commitment, strategic thinking, calmness, and technical skills all come into play and our admissions team are incredibly gifted when it comes to problem-solving!

Every single visitor comes through (and back out of) our Reception/Gift Shop, and they are always greeted with a smile. This team are customer service superheroes!

And let’s not forget their decorative and display creation skills! Theming reception is a BIG part of their role and they execute it beautifully! Cuddly toys, tractors, pocket money gifts, children’s clothing . . . it all has to be attractively arranged (and tidied!) each day and we think you’ll agree – they do a baaarilliant job!

Monitor Team Halloween at Farmer Palmers

Spotlight on Farm Park Monitors!

Want to know how we keep the farm park clean and tidy? Who neatly arranges the go-karts and pedal tractors each evening when all our visitors have gone home? Who empties the bins, sweeps all the straw back into straw mountain, picks up litter, and makes sure the farm park is sparkling clean for the following day . . . it’s our MOOVELLOUS MONITOR TEAM! And what a farm-tastic job they do!

They also go above and beyond their call of duty by reuniting lost property (and occasionally children!), fixing equipment, and helping out wherever they can. Don’t be surprised if you catch them carrying trays for our customers too!

Keep up the great work team, your farm park needs you!

We think you’ll agree, we’ve got a pretty great team at Farmer Palmer’s! If you’d like to share your appreciation, please leave them a review on Facebook, Google, or Trip Advisor – it means the world to us.

Farmer Palmer’s Team are simply the best! Published 1st November 2021.

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