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Farmer Christmas Festive Books

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As the holiday season draws near, immerse your little ones in the enchanting world of Farmer Christmas with three delightful tales that promise to make their Christmas extra special. Authored by the talented Catherine Baddeley and brought to life with the charming illustrations of Sophie Baugh-Jones, these heartwarming stories are not just books; they are perfect Christmas presents and stocking fillers that bring the spirit of the farmyard to life. Find these cherished tales at Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park gift shop, where the magic of the season unfolds within the pages of each story.

Farmer Christmas Festive Farmyard

Step into the festive farmyard with Catherine Baddeley’s captivating storytelling. In this heartwarming tale, Farmer Christmas is busily preparing for the most magical night of the year. Join the lovable farm characters as they embark on a journey filled with holiday cheer, beautifully illustrated by Sophie Baugh-Jones. This book is not just a story; it’s an invitation for families to share the warmth of the season and create lasting memories.

Farmer Christmas Tractor Travels

Embark on a magical journey with Farmer Christmas as he takes a ride through the enchanting world of tractor travels. Catherine Baddeley weaves a tale of adventure and discovery, complemented by the whimsical illustrations of Sophie Baugh-Jones. This book is a perfect addition to your child’s Christmas reading list, offering a delightful blend of excitement and charm that captures the essence of the holiday season.

Farmer Christmas

Join Farmer Christmas in a timeless tale that celebrates the magic of the season. Catherine Baddeley’s storytelling prowess and Sophie Baugh-Jones’ enchanting illustrations come together to create a truly magical experience. In this book, the farmyard becomes a canvas for the festive spirit, making it an ideal gift for children of all ages. Dive into the joy of Christmas with Farmer Christmas and his lovable farm friends.

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These Christmas tales aren’t just stories; they are a celebration of the holidays, making them the perfect Christmas presents and stocking fillers for the little ones in your life. Each book offers a unique adventure filled with warmth, humour, and the magic of the farmyard.

Exciting news awaits! Farmer Christmas himself, along with his trusty friends, will be bringing these festive farmyard tales to life on Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park’s YouTube channel (coming soon). Gather the family and enjoy the joyous experience of hearing these beloved stories read aloud by the characters who make them so special. Watch Farmer Christmas and Oddsocks the Elf read these stories by clicking the following links:

● Farmer Christmas Festive Farmyard (coming soon)

● Farmer Christmas Tractor Travels (coming soon)

● Farmer Christmas (coming soon)


Visit our gift shop at Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park to discover the magic of Farmer Christmas and make this holiday season one to remember. Catherine Baddeley’s enchanting tales, accompanied by Sophie Baugh-Jones’ delightful illustrations, promise to add an extra sprinkle of Christmas cheer to your festivities.

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