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Birthdays are great!

The cake, the presents, the games, the decorations, the friends and family . . . the cake.

Unless you’ve had previous experience; you won’t appreciate the amount of planning and difficult decisions you’re forced to make. Just to arrange the perfect party for your little prince/princess! Scouring the internet for the best deals on party bags, frantically swiping through Pinterest for that ideal cake inspiration and tiring yourself out trying to live up to your child’s expectations!

Then there’s the guest list, the dietary requirements, the buffet of thematically accurate food stuffs and games that are both fun but ensures everyone wins because otherwise…tears.

When your little VIP has had the most memorable day, does anyone spare a thought for you? As, at the end of it all, you slump exhausted to sofa and swear you’ll never ever do it again…until next year.

Exhausting as it may be, seeing your child (and the horde of little blossoms attending) having a blast will make it all worth it. But only just.

But who says birthday parties have to be a stress? Or be held in a musty smelling community hall where the floors haven’t seen a mop, let alone disinfectant since the turn of the millennium.

Why not throw a party on a farm and let us take the strain?

image of a pig with balloons and birthday cake

You’re on a farm, but we give so much more!

We understand parties are important family events. Everyone loves a party. But, as mentioned, they are also a source of stress and often spiralling costs. We get that too.

Of course you don’t mind giving your child a party to remember because that’s what your parents did for you, but pennies to pounds some of your fondest memories are the times when you were enjoying the simple things – not the extravagances.

Having a birthday party at the farm gives your child all the fun of a day with their friends and their family. Add in the fresh air, running around in the grass, exploring the woodland walk or The World of Dinosaur Roar! Discovery Trail, being adventuring young farmers with the animals AND having exciting stories to tell after the tractor ride and feeding the deer! Phew, all in one day?

Definitely not your average kids party.

But… there’s even more!

It’s a party without the hassle. It’s the pleasure of watching your child or children have a great day because you’re not running around trying to get everything done, cut the cake, sort out the party bags and be there to witness those special moments.

A party at a farm gives you the entire day to enjoy your child’s happiness. Which is a real treat.

Farms like us are equipped to handle the party business so you can do what you do best – be a loving parent, carer or guardian. Because years from now that is exactly what your child will remember.

Birthday boy Guinea pig handling

It’s not just a party

How long does the average child’s party last for these days? 2 hours? Sometimes 3? They’re intense affairs with a flurry of activity punctuated by frenetic eating followed by more activity.

By the end; children are hot, tired and hyped up on jelly and cupcakes. Grownups are equally hot, equally tired and looking up bulk buy options on ear plugs from Ebay! Child entertainers have a lot to answer for.

And the next day everyone is shattered.

A Farmer Palmer party (we toyed with an abbreviation but thought a ‘Farty’ send the wrong message!) is a license to enjoy your entire day. No limits beyond when you choose to sit down and have lunch.

It’s relaxing for everyone. It changes the tempo of the day from tearing your hair out to tranquil and that means everyone has a great day.

Birthday parties

Everything is taken care of

Although we can’t speak for every farm, usually when you come to a farm for a party, everything is taken care of.

All you have to do is decide whether you want hot or cold food for the buffet and invite your guests that’s it.

Children get party bags which you can supplement if you want to. The important thing is all the heavy lifting is handled by the party organisers – who do this sort of thing day in, day out. They are pros!

We and farms just like us want to make sure your child and their friends have a day to remember. A big part of that is having you present and having fun right along with them. If you’re rushing around we haven’t done our job properly.

To learn more about having a children’s party at Farmer Palmer’s visit our Parties Page or get in touch today and we can answer any specific questions you may have. To book your party here and now, click here! 

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