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I Love Visiting My Favourite Farm Park!

We’re celebrating our 25th anniversary! So, I actively contributed to writing a book specifically for your children.

Local hospital pediatric physiotherapists authored it.

For the past 25 years, generations of children have enjoyed combining exercise and learning fun at Farmer Palmers. Now, we’ve taken it up a notch! We’re bringing your children’s favourite activities to life within the pages of a bedtime book.

Wendy and Jane, experienced Paediatric Physiotherapists for children, understand that children learn and strengthen through activity. They created their first Storycises book, called “Farm Adventure,” to help children.

We’ve included information for parents to help them identify which park experiences support their children’s developmental needs and how movement plays a crucial role in every stage of healthy growth. Some of this information was missed during the 2020 and 2021 Covid restrictions.

How Can I Get One for My Little VIP?

Pass holders have the opportunity to purchase one of our books with a 50% discount, priced at £3.99 (for a limited time only). Please inquire with the shop team during your next visit to get yours! The general public can purchase these books either in our shop, online (when buying tickets), or on our website shop.

We’re incredibly excited, and the best part is that it was inspired by you!

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