We have lots of Red Deer at Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park. They live in the top field where you can take the bumpy Tractor Trailer Ride, where you will be given deer feed to hand feed them! Watch out, as they love to give sloppy kisses.


A herd of Red Deer live at Farmer Palmer’s and you and your children can meet and feed them in our Deer Feeding experience (check timetable to see if this event is running). Like many species of deer, only bucks will have antlers which will be shed on a seasonal basis, allowing new ones to develop. These are used as ‘status symbols’ in the mating ritual.

Farmer Palmer says...

•A male deer is usually called a ‘buck’.
•A large male deer is often called ‘stag’.
•A female deer is usually called a ‘doe’.
•A young deer is usually called a ‘fawn’.
•Deer take their first steps within half an hour of their birth.
•Young deer will usually stay with their mother for around a year.
•A group of deer is known as a ‘herd’.
•Deer have long legs typically suited to the environments they live in.
•They can jump high and swim well.
•What do deer grow every year?
•What do deer like to eat?

Our Farm Park Animals

Farmer Palmer's animals are traditional farm animals, together with popular pet animals like guinea pigs and rabbits. They are taken care of by our dedicated team in the Animal Barn in line with Defra's Farm Animal Welfare Council's Five Freedom Advice.

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