We have three breeds of cow here at Farmer Palmer’s: Dexter, Swiss, and Guernsey. You can find them out in the fields so keep your eyes peeled for these funny characters!


We have several cows on the farm park. You can sometimes see them grazing out in the fields. Our daily animal events are advertised at the front desk, you’re welcome to take a photo of the timetable. Farmer Palmer Senior used to milk over 100 cows on the farm before it became the farm park!

Farmer Palmer says...

•A male is called a bull.
•A female is called a cow.
•A baby cow is called a calf.
•A cow is pregnant for 9 months.
•In summer they live outside and eat grass.
•In winter they live inside and eat hay or silage & cow cake!
•When a cow has a calf she produces milk to help it grow.

Our Farm Park Animals

Farmer Palmer's animals are traditional farm animals, together with popular pet animals like guinea pigs and rabbits. They are taken care of by our dedicated team in the Animal Barn in line with Defra's Farm Animal Welfare Council's Five Freedom Advice.

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