Sheep & Lambs

We have four different breeds of sheep at Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park: Jacobs, Valais, Jalais, Shetlands. You can find them in the fields grazing on the grass, or in our outside pens. Some of the sheep will come inside the Big Barn during the birthing season (Spring)! 

Sheep & Lambs

Farmer Palmer’s is home to lots of sheep. Each year, many of our ewes have lambs. You can see the babies out in the fields skipping and jumping. Their mums are very protective and caring.

Farmer Palmer says...

•A male sheep is called a ram.
•A female sheep is an ewe and a baby sheep is a lamb.
•They make a Baa Baa sound.
•A lamb is a baby animal and is easily scared, so you have to be quiet and gentle.

Our Farm Park Animals

Farmer Palmer's animals are traditional farm animals, together with popular pet animals like guinea pigs and rabbits. They are taken care of by our dedicated team in the Animal Barn in line with Defra's Farm Animal Welfare Council's Five Freedom Advice.

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